Happy new years! It is 2020!

This has been one heck of a year and now it is into january of 2020 and things are well on their way to coming together. Kyle, a buddy of mine, who I just set up a domain for over at www.frownfelter.xyz, is finally actively working with me to write this album we’ve been waiting forever to write. I am tracking drums mainly while he plays guitar and probbaly bass. A lot of news and demos of this new self titled release so stay tuned.

School is picking up on Monday and this term I’ve got 2 classes, one for cyber security and one for Windows server/active directory. Shouldn’t be too bad in terms of responsibilities but my goal here is to be prepared by June to be able to get a job.

I’m also going to have to look into what is going on with this blog. I’ve kept it up to date and have security in place, yet I still get tons of spam comments that thankfully don’t automatically get posted to the blog so I’m going to have to look into this more. More news to come, stay tuned. Oh and I’m redesigned Hurst Audio Productions for a new fresh layout.

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