November fall update

Back for an update. I’m half way through fall term and I’m heavily engaged with my computer networking studies. I’ve got quite an extensive home network including a cisco 1941W router, 3750G gigabit switch and a 5520 ASA hardware firewall. I’ve also been studying for my Security+ certification. I will be so glad when I’m finished this degree in June. Also, if I didn’t mention this before, my college disability department decided to hire me on to convert a math textbook to Braille for a college in northeast Oregon as that particular college doesn’t have very extensive accommodation services.

Since recently rearranging my apartment, my drums are positioned in such a way that I had to unplug everything to move my room around. They call this a large studio but it is still quite small. I’ve been doing head to head with the apartments I live in currently as it really don’t understand these large landlords that have all these properties but can’t be bothered to maintain them. Saying things like they can’t spray for ants and bugs because if I got sick Icould sue them.

On a different note, I was able to obtain and high end desktop machine thanks to the commission for the blind. The counselor I had prior to September was often difficult to deal with, but this new counselor has been a pleasure to deal with. For one of my classes for example, we are studying systems administration. In this class, the instructor gave us the option to use virtual machines or use our own hardware. So I asked my counselor if I might be able to receive an upgrade for my license of JAWS (that I don’t use since NVDA is better) but I am using it for my job that, at the moment, the college has decided to break the agreement and so as of right now I am not working but am still on pay role until June.

More updates will be coming soon so stay tuned. is very slowly coming along. I can’t keep posting all these ads myself so if you could join our forum at that would be greatly appreciated!

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