I’m Network+ certified!

It is October and fall term has started up. Friday I took my CompTia Network+ certification to add to my resume. I may not need my A+ and Network+ though for a while since a couple of weeks ago the center for accessibility resources (AKA the accommodations department) at my college hired me to convert a math textbook to Braille. Our college is trying a new program where other colleges are using our services to produce materials rather than paying much more money for a printing press that could take much much longer. This way they get their materials as we do them and it gives me a job as well. It looks like I’ll be busy for quite a while as the college in north east Oregon has already requested we begin working on winter term’s materials, probably math; and this is ok with me as it will keep me busy and I’m making money as well.

Music, once again, has taken a back seat as not only do I have a position now making some pretty good money, but I’ve got 3 classes to focus on, plus I have to study for more certifications. I haven’t decided whether or not I want to get my Security+ next or shoot for my Cisco CCENT and later my CCNA. The Cisco exams are going to be a nightmare to get done and I feel I’ll probably be able to get the Security+ under my belt a lot quicker.

It also looks like even though I’ve tried configuring WordPress for security, I am still getting a lot of spam comments now and then so I’ll need to look into how this keeps happening.

Finally, on the subject of music, I broke down and purchased a drum sample library. Normally I’d be using Superior Drummer 2.0, but I couldn’t resist and purchased the Black Album Drums from Chocolate Audio. They sound good and the set that was sampled is the exact same kit and studio that was used on the Metallica Black Album in 1991. I’m still waiting on 2Box to release their new and updated Drumit 5 MK II module which has support for removable 32 SD cards. I tried taking apart this Drumit3 I own, but the SD card will not come out of the slot and I’m not about to force it and break the board/slot on this $900 module so for now I’m stuck with a 4GB maximum capacity and slow transfer speeds using USB 1.1 to the module. Not ideal at all.

Blind Sell Trade is still operational but I really need help getting the word out. If anyone can help me spread the word. My goal and all I want is to have a free and open place for folks to do business. I know Blind Bargains which isn’t a bargain in the least is what everyone has known about for years where you can post ads. But this is just one example of how one blind guy is propped up by the NFB and then uses the ‘niche market’ excuse for why he needs to not only charge people to post text on a web page, but screen your ad so no one else can promote their service. It is a shame we live in this kind of world and personally folks should use a credit card to post an ad, then call their bank and reverse the charges and keep doing this so he gets taken offline. He’s doing people a disservice for his own greed. I, on the other hand, want to actually help people. So please help me spread the word about www.blindselltrade.com, create an account, post an ad, spread the word and help me grow this community to something we can all use. We seriously need to break this trend of blind people ripping each other off to make a buck because jobs are too hard to come by so they lach onto this niche market crap and act like they’re doing something great, it is really sick in my opinion.

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