Blind Sell Trade is growing and more updates to Hurst Audio Productions forums now have 4 registered members. It is a slow process but I am confident we will grow bigger in the future. The main goal for starting this forum is to offer folks who are blind and visually impaired an alternative outlet to do business free of charge. I believe once the word is spread more and more and the site is picked up by google, we’ll grow stronger by the day. Thank you to all who have joined so far. You must spread the word about the site to get us off the ground.

As far as Hurst Audio Productions goes, I have added a page listing all of my gear with descriptions of everything and links to pages with detailed specs. All my guitars and other gear I’m using are posted so go check it out! I’m also in the process of posting information related to the Drum It 3 drum module as I’ve got an accessible guide on the interface that may help folks.

Summer is ticking down and though I’m currently A+ certified by Comp Tia, I’ve been slightly slacking off on my next certification, my Network+. My ultimate goal as I’ve stated before is to achieve my CCNA. Cisco is ending support for the ICND1 and 2 exams in favor for one huge CCNA exam that about two out of every ten people actually pass. I’m not sure why Cisco is doing this but the split exams ends on February 24 of 2020, so if you are testing for your CCNA, you’d best do it soon. I guess it is hard for me to concentrate on more than one thing at a time, so lately I’ve been trying to bolster my Youtube channel and websites as I’ve had these domains for quite some time but haven’t done much, but I’m really making an effort to commit to engaging more and more with social media and my online platforms. School is picking up with fall term once again at the end of September and I’m looking for an internship in the meantime, thankfully I’ve got only one year left of this Network Systems Administration degree and then I”m done with school. Woohoo!

And yes, I’m continuing to work on a couple of full length tracks for my first album. Taking quite a while though.

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