New blog and lots of updates

Folks, I have been doing some website maintenance. Because of this, I wasn’t able to get my previous instance of WordPress working, so I have installed a new blog. If you had an account on my blog, you’ll need to recreate another one.
A couple of new things. Hurst Audio Productions is now back online after letting the domain go from my previous hosting provider. There are 2 other new websites you should consider looking at. While this site is dedicated to my personal blog, I have designated strictly for audio related content and new songs I’m working on in the future. You will find the WWSNOW archives there as well as music theory and all my latest work. The second site you should consider joining is a forum I’ve created called Blind Sell Trade. It is a user forum for blind and visually impaired people to join and list items for sale. It is a new altertnative to the very limited number of outlets for folks to do business with each other. There are no ads and no heavy handed moderation. I’ve also created a Facebook group as well called Blind Sell Trade Marketplace. You can follow the links in the bottom navigation to open these other sites.
I’ve been adding content to the Hurst Audio Productions Youtube channel as well as a new all purpose channel called Sightless TV which you can also find in the bottom nav. There’s a lot more to be posted here so stay tuned.

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