Thank you for visiting. I am Cody Hurst, a legally blind guy living in the northwest U.S. This is my primary website for any and all hobbies and interests I have as well as my professional details.

I grew up as a legally blind kid in the Philadelphia PA suburbs and attended public school through my graduation. From an early age I realized my talent for music and began playing the drums at the age of about six and playing the guitar by the age of twelve.

Around this time I began developing an interest for technology as well and up until my high school graduation, I found myself disassembling computers and learning about their components. I graduated high school in June of 2009 with an additional vocational certificate of completion in computer network administration.

After spending time in Mississippi with my mother's family, I decided to travel to Maine to go to college but also spread my wings to be more independent. I completed two years of college in southern Maine and in 2012 moved to Oregon where I have since completed two associates degrees, a General studies degree as well as a Network Systems Administration degree. I have also achieved a number of professional certifications and am continuing to gain more knowledge to make myself more marketable.